Why Emergency Water Is A Must In Lake Havasu

Clean water is essential to life, yet many people take access to it for granted. In and around Lake Havasu City, most of us prefer to drink bottled water due to the bad-tasting hard water we have in the area. But, how often do we think about what we would do without water in an emergency? How long is it safe to go without drinking water? And what’s the best way to stock up on emergency water?

In this blog post, we answer those questions and take a look at why an emergency supply of water is essential.

What kind of emergency could leave you without drinking water?

In Mohave County, we know too well that water is life. With our dry climate and hot – oftentimes extreme – temperatures in summer, Havasuvians, and our neighbors crave water, whether to swim in, waterski or boat on, and of course, drink.

While Lake Havasu levels remain steady, there is still a risk to local residents of a lack of reliable drinking water due to events outside of their control. For example, in 2022 alone, mechanical failures at dams and other water supply issues left hundreds of residents without drinking water.

Furthermore, extreme weather events happen with regularity in Mohave County: everything from extreme heat, monsoons, flash flooding, and sandstorms are events that affected homes and infrastructure every year.

Each time an unexpected man-caused or natural disaster happens, there’s no way to tell the level of impact it could have on homes and buildings, and importantly on our access to drinking water. In those circumstances, there are dozens of reasons why you may not be able to make it safely to a store. That’s why it’s always best to be prepared to have an emergency water supply.

How long can you go without drinking water?

Our bodies and brains are made of water. When we take access to drinking water for granted, we don’t think about how much our bodies need water to function, but it’s critical. Everything in body works better when we’re hydrated.

Dehydration can kick in relatively quickly – in a number of hours. Dehydration symptoms include headaches, irritability, and dark urine. In the worst-case scenario, people can survive without water for up to three days. Luckily the worst-case scenario rarely happens, but Arizona officials do recommend to store at least three days’ supply of emergency water, and ideally a two-week supply, just in case.

What is the best way to stock up on emergency drinking water?

The safest way to stock up on emergency water is to buy bottled water. There are a two good reasons for buying bottled water instead of storing drinking water from the tap.

Firstly, stored water has a shelf life of no more than six months while store-bought water can be stored for up to two years.

Secondly, containers not specially designed for water storage are susceptible to degradation and bacteria, causing unwatered additional health risks.

Arizona Premium Water Emergency Water

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