Alkaline Water

Pure wellness in every glass.


Pure wellness in every glass.

Alkaline Bottled Water Delivery in Arizona

Enhanced Hydration

Our 9.5pH+ alkaline drinking water has enhanced hydration properties and is incredibly smooth and refreshing. We use reverse osmosis to polish and purify. Reducing concentrated minerals to safe, pure refreshing consumable levels. Next, our water flows through multiple UV light tubes which is used to sterilize all particulates. Water is then washed through an ozonation tower to thoroughly disinfect any remaining particulates. Lastly, this water slowly percolates through 5 different essential mineral beds infusing it with trace elements to deliver a massive 9.5pH+ alkaline performance water for your massive lifestyle.


Our naturally infused alkaline water has a pH of 9.5 or higher and a clean, smooth taste which provides the body with necessary hydration. Alkaline water benefits or results are individual to each person. Some of our customers report immediate, positive results, while others more gradual.

Elevated Alkalinity

With a 9.5pH+ performance water the elevated alkaline levels are believed by many to help to bring the body back to balance and improve overall health and wellness

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