Drinking Water

Great taste. Maximum hydration.


Great taste. Maximum hydration.

Bottled Water Delivery in Arizona

Premium Taste

The result is a perfectly balanced crisp, and clean-tasting mineral water that leaves you feeling refreshed and replenished.Maximize your hydration by ordering Premium Fresh, available in both 3 and 5-gallon bottles depending on your needs.

Premium Quality

Our Premium Drinking water is one of our most popular brands. We use 12 stages of reverse osmosis to polish and purify. Reducing concentrated minerals to safe, pure refreshing consumable levels. Next, our water flows through multiple UV light tubes which is used to sterilize all particulates. Lastly, water is treated through an ozonation tower to thoroughly disinfect any remaining particulates.

Premium Service

If you’re looking for the best-tasting mineral water to maximize your hydration every time, look no further than Arizona Premium Fresh. We go to great lengths to make Premium Fresh the tastiest, healthiest drinking water available, using reverse osmosis to purify local spring water of excess hard minerals and other unwanted contaminants.

Our Commitment To You Includes:

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