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Roots in the industry stretching as far back as the early 1960’s.

it all Started when...

Arizona Premium Water has always been a family owned and operated company. With roots in this industry stretching as far back as the early 1960’s. The Connelly family introduce the first Turbo Ice packaging facility and water purification system in Wichita Kansas. Bill Connelly “Clay’s Father” worked here as a young man. Water and Ice have been in the Connelly bloodline for nearly 60 years.

The story and evolution of Arizona Premium Water actually began back in 1993 When Lee Schaeffer founded the company affectionately known as “Water And Ice” in Phoenix, AZ. The small retail water and ice concept store was born.

Concept became reality and when it began to take off and the demand was realized of a wholesale division. In 2005 the updated company blueprint was introduced to the new target market of Lake Havasu.


Clay Connelly stepped in as CEO and founding member to take the reins and rekindle the family bloodlines of the wholesale water and ice division. 1633 Industrial Blvd was to be the new company headquarters. There were to be four divisions of the company.

1) A small retail store
2) Ice packaging facility
3) Detail supply warehouse
4) Bottled water facility.

Clay hit the ground running attacking new ice and water accounts and quickly securing contract and establishing relationships with all the local businesses. Late 2007 As the company began to take shape we really wanted to focus on our identity of who we are and what our values represent.


Fast forward nearly 10 years later to February 2016. It was at this time the direction of the company began to evolve and change. The decision was made to sell the ice manufacturing/delivery division. The focus really wanted to be on the bottled water division and increase our detail supply warehouse.

As of May 2018 we were no longer a major ice manufacturer for the local area. It was time take an inner reflection and determine our new identity and remove this portion from our logo and name. As May 2018 the new name and re branding to “Arizona Premium Water” was to take shape.