Our Vision and Mission.

Our mission is to hydrate Arizona. Our vision is to aim high while staying true to our local roots and values, and provide top quality hydration products designed and delivered to benefit local communities; we call it “corporate quality, community-driven.”


Our Values.

We strongly believe that leading with good values is the key to doing good business, and will ensure that we always do the R.I.G.H.T thing for our customers, and for our enterprise:

We believe:

R – elationships – strong relationships internally equal strong relationships externally

I – ntegrity – in doing what is right, not what is easy

G – rowth-Minded – if we are not growing, we’re dying

H – onesty – growth starts with honesty

T – rust starts with personal responsibility


Every day we infuse our work with positive intention to create the best experience for our customers, and our team.