Which Water Bottle Is Best For Me

Which Water Bottle Is Best For Me?

We’ve been drinking water since time immemorial, so you would think the way we consume water would be second nature to us. Yet, there are so many different ways we imbibe our H20: water cooler, bottled water, glass, mug, even can! A common, more sustainable way to drink water these days is to carry it with us in a water bottle, especially if we have water delivered to our home and it’s always on hand. 

But which kind of water bottle is best? That depends. Is it for sports? Is it for work? Is it for your kids? How big does it need to be?

We checked out a selection that fit different profiles, different ages, and different needs – and that have dozens, if not thousands of happy customers on Amazon – and found 5 great water bottles that are sure to keep you hydrated.

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1. A Water Bottle That Motivates You to Drink Up!

Are you trying to drink more water but just keep forgetting? How about a water bottle that nudges you throughout the day, reminding you when to drink and how much? Sound useful?

Meet Elvira’s Motivational Fitness Bottle!

Whenever you take a look at this bottle, and at your watch, this bottle will be cheering at you to take a sip. “Keep chugging!” it’ll remind you at 10 am. “Don’t give up!” at 11 am. If you’ve drunk two bottles’ by 7 pm (64oz in total), you’ll be rewarded with “You did it!” Yeah!

If the taste of water is what is holding you back from drinking up, it also has a strainer for flavoring the water with fruit or teas and is wide enough to add ice cubes. (But if it really is the taste, you definitely need to try our Premium Fresh Water – you’ll love it).

Elvira’s Motivational Fitness Bottle is available in 12 colors and costs $20.99.

2. A Water Bottle for Fitness Fans

Are you looking for a water bottle that travels from bike to hike to gym and also doubles as a bottle for mixing your protein shakes?

The Hydro Habit Sports Water Bottle could be the one for you.

This is an all-weather water bottle that wears well, is easy to drink from, clean and carry, and fits all standard cup holders.

The Hydro Habit’s star feature, though, is its lid that includes a locking mechanism that makes it completely leak-proof even when mixing electrolyte or protein powders with the shaker ball that comes included, and an additional vent that lets water flow fast through the large lid straw.

It comes in one color (sleek light grey) and costs $18.95

3. A Water Bottle With Sustainability in Mind

Hydro Flask has to be one of the best-known brands of water bottles. But did you know that it is also one of the most sustainable?

The main reason is that Hydro Flasks are practically indestructible and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Now the price tag makes sense! ($33.29 – $114.24!).

It also makes sense when you think about the high-quality materials that each bottle is made from: pro-grade 18/8 stainless steel with a proprietary powder coat for added durability and no-slip grip, and TempShield™ insulation to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

On top of all that, the company has also donated over $2.5 million dollars to non-profit organizations that take care of parklands across the US.

Hydro Flask Water Bottles with Straw Lid are available in a whole host of colors, sizes, and prices. Check them out!

4. A Water Bottle For Little (and big) Kids

Do you sometimes struggle to get your child to drink enough water? What if you put it in a light-up 3D dinosaur cup? Or dog? Or shark? Or unicorn?

These Attivolife bottles are so much fun. They are BPA-free, so no nasties for the kids, and come with 7 color glowing light and flashing mode settings and timer function. They can even be used as a night light!

The water bottle has a button on the cap which makes one-handed drinking easy peasy and a high-quality lanyard in case Little Jimmy doesn’t want to let go of it (who could blame him?).

They cost $24.99 and also make a great gift.

5. A Water Bottle for Big Drinkers!

Do you work out a lot? Or maybe have a strenuous job in the outdoors that means staying hydrated is a must!

There is a good range of BIG water bottles available on Amazon, but we liked the Aquafit Half-Gallon Bottle for a few reasons:

1) It has a big handle which makes carrying it and drinking from it more comfortable than some others.

2) It has two different lids for you to choose from,

3) It has a bonus cleaning brush which just makes keeping the bottle clean that bit easier.

It comes in 6 different colors and costs $18.99

Of course, for REALLY BIG DRINKERS, an Arizona Premium Water 3 Gallon Bottle will definitely keep you hydrated!

Whatever your favorite brand and model of water bottle, it needs to be filled with great-tasting, healthy water. At Arizona Premium Water, we deliver premium fresh mineral water and alkaline water to homes across Mohave County. Thanks to regular deliveries, they always have water on hand to fill their favorite bottle. 

If you’re interested in becoming a customer, check out How it Works.