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100 series - Top load cold cooler only

This top-load water cooler features the same industry-leading technology and internal hardware of high-end coolers in the market.

$10.00 Monthly

200 series - Top load hot/cold cooler

This top-load water cooler provides users with instant access to hot and cold purified water, so they may easily prepare tea, coffee and other beverages.

$15.00 Monthly

300 series - Premium bottom load hot/cold cooler “Aquarius”

Aquarius Bottom Load is one of our top bottle product line with a stylish look and the newest technology. New dispenser design to fill large sport bottles and new bottom load to avoid lifting heavy bottles.

$15.00 Monthly

.5 Liter 16.9oz 24 Pack Case

Our most popular size comes in an array of pack sizes to suit your needs. The lightweight Eco-Air Bottle® design also ensures that our bottle doesn’t weigh you or the planet down. Enjoy our 0.5L size water virtually anywhere. From your home to the outdoors, you can be sure you will stay hydrated all day long.


1 Gallon 6 Pack Case

Our new gallon bottle features an easy carry, easy pour handle. Stay hydrated at home, at parties or anywhere you need a lot of water.


1 Gallon 6 Pack Distilled

Our new gallon bottle features an easy carry, easy pour handle. Often used for cooking, cleaning, coffee makers and CPAP machines.


Niagara 20oz PH Balanced 28 Pack

A pH balanced purified water with electrolytes added for taste.


8oz Cups - 1000 Count Case

1000 8oz cups for our high quality, purified water.


mw_synced_image_3_20alk (1)

15pk. 20oz Alkaline Bottles

Our alkaline water contains alkaline minerals and negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the ability of water to act as a pro- or antioxidant.


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