How do your monthly package plans work?

Our monthly plans are designed by you, our customers. The price for your monthly plan depends on the kind of water you select, the quantity and the type of water cooler you rent from us (if you need one). You can find more information in the “How it works” tab of this website.

How do I sign up for service?

Select the “Design your Plan” tab on our website and build your cart. Once you are happy with your plan submit your form and one of our sales staff will contact you within 24hrs of your request. During this call, we will confirm all information, and confirm the time and date to set up or drop off any equipment or products.

Do I receive all my bottles for the month?

If you selected one of our low usage plans with a delivery interval of 4 weeks, you will receive all bottles to accommodate this timeframe.
If you selected a plan with 2 week delivery intervals, you will receive bottles to accommodate this timeframe.

Do I have to be at my house during the time of set up?

No, we have a “No Contact” request that can be filled in if you prefer this option. Our team member will drop all equipment and bottles at your front door.

Do I need to sign a Service Agreement?

Yes, we have a standard agreement that details what services are being provided and any equipment rented.


How are my empty bottles exchanged?

You will receive a yearly calendar with your specific delivery dates. Standard delivery intervals are every 2 weeks but could be up to 4 weeks intervals depending on the plan you select. On delivery day, empty bottles must be placed outside for your Account Representative to replace your empty bottles with full ones.

What happens if I forget to leave my bottles out for exchange?

If you are a residential customer and you miss your delivery, we ask that you bring your empty water containers to our store front at 1633 Industrial Blvd. There our staff will be happy to exchange them.

Will I receive my delivery at the same time each delivery day?

No, our routes are constantly changing. You may have your delivery in the early morning one week then later in the afternoon the following week. We ask that all bottles are out for exchange the night before or by 6:00AM the morning of delivery. You will receive a reminder email the day before your delivery is due.

How do I know when I am getting my next delivery?

There are two options: simply refer to your virtual calendar which you can access by logging into “My Account” on this website, in addition you will receive a courtesy reminder email sent the night before your next scheduled delivery reminding you to lace your bottles outside for exchange.

What if I need more water and need to increase my monthly plan?

Please call the office on 928.855.7776. We can accommodate this request and change you to a new plan to better suit your needs.

What if I receive a leaky bottle?

If you receive a leaky bottle, notify our office via email, leave it outside and we will come by and replace it as soon as we can.

What if I lose, damage or break a water bottle?

Please notify us. There is a $20.00 replacement charge for the bottle.

Can you guys bring in the bottles for me?

Due to safety concerns and liability reasons it is best for you and for our Account Representatives to not enter your private home.

What areas do you currently service?

We are based in Lake Havasu and service. Lake Havasu, Parker, Quartzsite, Salome, Topock, Needles, Mohave Valley, and Bullhead.


How do I pay my bill?

We bill all credit and debit cards on the 1sth of every month. You can also log on to ‘My Account” on our website and process your payment manually each month if you prefer.

How do I update my card on file?

Create an access and log on to “My Account” and simply update your card details via our secure portal.

How do I access older invoices?

Log into “My Account” where you will find all open and past invoices. You can also print them if needed.

Can I change the Monthly Package Plan I selected or am I locked in?

You are not locked into your monthly plan; you can increase or decrease your package plan at any time to accommodate your needs. You will see that change go into effect on your new month.

If I do not use all my bottles, do they roll over to the new month?

Unfortunately they do not. It is up to the customer to drink all the bottles that are provided to you. You can switch to a lower plan any time if this better fits your needs.

What happens if I use more water than my plan allows?

Any extra bottles that are used above your allotted amount will be logged and charged on your next billing cycle.

I am a part time resident. Do I get billed when I leave for the summer?

No, you will not get billed when you leave as long as you return all equipment and bottles. While you are away in the summer, we will put your account on “vacation” status until you return in the winter.


How do I cancel my service?

Please call our office at 928.855.7776 or email to notify us of your cancelation. We will set up a time for you to drop off equipment and bottles and terminate your account.

Is there a fee for cancelling before the one year is up?

We have a $50.00 early termination fee if you terminate your account before the one year has passed. After your contract has run for a full year, you can cancel anytime and will not be subject to any early termination fees.

Can you guys pick up my equipment and bottles when I cancel?

Yes, we can pick it all up for you but there is a $50.00 service fee to do so.