6 Signs of Dehydration Everyone Should Know

We all know that hydration is vital for keeping our brains and bodies in good working order, but did you know that studies have found that a shocking 75% of Americans are dehydrated?

It’s a much more common condition than we think and can have serious consequences, causing dizziness and falls, problems with our kidneys and memory, and even leading to a stroke. 

Dehydration is brought on by either not drinking enough water or by drinking too much of the wrong kind of liquids like alcohol and soda; exercise, climate, and diet also contribute to our hydration levels.

There are telltale signs of dehydration that everyone can be aware of. If you spot any of them, there is a simple remedy: drink more water.

6 common indications that you could be dehydrated.

1. You have a headache

Did you know that our brains are 80% water? Dehydration actually causes our brains to shrink. Moreover, it decreases blood flow to the brain and can cause inflammation, all of which can bring on a headache.

Before reaching for a painkiller, drink plenty of water first.

2. Your urine is darker than usual

Urine is the excess water and waste filtered by our kidneys. Depending on the ratio of water to waste products, its color can range from pale yellow to dark amber.

Dark urine is usually the most alarming sign of dehydration and can trigger panic.

Try flushing as many toxins from your body as possible by drinking plenty of water. If your symptoms persist or your urine is especially dark, seek professional medical advice.

3. You feel tired without good reason

A dehydrated body struggles to perform all the tasks it needs to do to keep us healthy and happy. Fatigue – even if you feel well-rested – is a common sign of dehydration. Dehydration is also said to be the No. 1 cause of midday fatigue.

If you have been feeling flat recently, but can’t put your finger on the reason why, drink more water and see if your energy levels bounce back.

4. Your mouth, eyes, and skin feel dry.

All-day long, our bodies lose fluids – more so when we exercise a lot or live in hot climates. It’s crucial to replenish our H2O levels to maintain a healthy level of moisture in our bodies and to help us feel comfortable throughout the day.

5. Your memory is cloudy and you feel irritable.

Even mild dehydration has been shown to put stress on our cognitive functioning, affecting our ability to concentrate and retain information short-term. This can also lead to feelings of frustration and irritability.

While at work, keeping a bottle of water on your desk, or taking regular trips to the water cooler can help keep you feeling fresh and alert.

6. You feel hungry

According to clinical studies, 37% of us confuse the signals for thirst with hunger, and head to the fridge for a snack instead of the water cooler for a drink.

If your skin, eyes, and mouth feel dry, chances are you’re thirsty rather than hungry. Regardless, the best way to find out is to drink a glass or two or water first before opting for a snack. Even better, stay properly hydrated so you’re much more likely to correctly distinguish thirst and hunger.

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