Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water

4 Great Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water

Most people know the health benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated, but what about the benefits of alkaline water? You’ve no doubt heard the term before and even seen bottles of it in your local supermarket. But what is it exactly and how can drinking it improve our health?  Let’s take a look.

So, What is Alkaline Water?

Simply put, alkaline water is water that has a higher pH level than standard drinking water which has a pH of 7. Arizona Premium Alkaline Water has a pH of 9. To prepare our alkaline water, we take local water and filter out toxins, sediment and other impurities using a process called reverse osmosis. Then, we add minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, back in. All together, this alkalizes the water and offers several potential health benefits compared to standard water.

Some of those benefits, according to scientific studies, include:

Increased Bone Density

Researchers studying post-menopausal women with osteoporosis demonstrated that alkaline water improved the overall bone health and “t-scores” (a measurement scale for bone density) in comparison to those who drank regular water.

Additionally, another bone heath study showed that drinking alkaline water can decrease bone resorption. In a nutshell, bone resorption is when the body breaks down bone cells and reabsorbs them, usually due to calcium deficiency. Decreased bone resorption means increased bone density and overall stronger bones.

Improved Exercise Performance

Alkaline water has been shown to enhance anaerobic exercise (high-intensity exercises such as weightlifting, circuit training, yoga) performance in a few different ways.

First, because of its higher mineral count and pH level, it increases total hydration and keeps electrolytes in balance. Second, it helps the body to rehydrate faster, by increasing water absorption and water retention. And finally, the alkalinity helps regulate lactic acid build-up and improves the body’s acid-base balance during a workout.

Reduced Blood Viscosity

It’s been shown that rehydrating with alkaline water following exercise, significantly reduces high blood viscosity, when compared to standard drinking water. Blood viscosity is a way of measuring the thickness and stickiness of our blood.

High viscosity (thicker blood) has been associated with all kinds of issues, including heart disease, blood clots, and even strokes. In one study, one hundred healthy adults exercised and then rehydrated with either alkaline water or regular purified water. The blood viscosity of the alkaline group was reduced by up to 3% more!

Relieves Acid Reflux

For those who have experienced it, you know just how unpleasant acid reflux can be. There are many causes, but one of the main culprits is a stomach enzyme known as pepsin.

A study showed that alkaline water can actually completely deactivate pepsin. It also was shown to have “good acid-buffering capacity.” So in other words, the alkaline water was able to neutralize small amounts of acid and pH levels were maintained.

In short,  alkaline water has multiple potential health benefits and is generally considered a very safe and healthy addition to your diet. However, if you have any doubts or special dietary conditions, do consult with your doctor.  

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